Thesis information

General Information

2nd year students need to submit a form declaring their topic and advisor in before the end of the teaching term in May. The following steps are required.

1) Locate the szakdolgozati feladatkiírás in the Thesis Writing Regulations of the Faculty of Arts.

2) Agree with a department faculty member on a topic (cf. thesis topics). At present you need only have a working title and two or three general questions you would like to pursue listed on the form. Some aspects and questions may change as you begin your research this summer.

3) After filling out the form, submit it to the secretary in room 20. She will see to it that the Head of Institute signs your form.

Formal Requirements

The formal requirements demanded by the Arts Faculty (length, appearance, etc.) can be downloaded from the bolcsweb. Note the requirement for signing a pledge that the thesis has not been plagiarized. Please note the department policy on plagiarism.

Bibliographies and citing sources

There are a variety of styles you can use for formatting your bibliography (MLA, APA, etc.). Ask your consultant which one they would like you to use.

In-text citations (also called parenthetical citations) are used in the thesis itself to identify where the quote, paraphrase, or information originally comes from. Here are examples of in-text citations in the MLA style (commonly used in literature or cultural topics).

Electronic sources (web sites, ebooks, online databases) are not separated from print sources. A sample works cited page (bibliography) in MLA style can be seen here.

Important note: when citing electronic sources, do NOT put complete web address (URL) in the text itself. This should go in the bibliography if your instructor requires the URL to be included.

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