Ruth Karin Lévai

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Title: Native Speaker English Lecturer

Qualifications: French and German Language and Literature (BA), Pepperdine University; Russian philology, specializing in literature (MA), Lomonosov State University of Moscow; PhD candidate in Comparative Literature, ELTE, Budapest

Office: A/6, room 3

Office hours: Mon. 4-5pm, Tues. 2-3pm, Thurs. 1-2pm or consultation by appointment on Zoom, Skype or Messenger

Fall Schedule


Academic interests: comparative literature, German, French, Russian, Dostoevsky

Curriculum vitae   MTMT

Research Gate profile


American Film

English Lit IV

Modernist Arts and Literature/English Lit III

Language and Stylistics

Szemelvények a német irodalomból


English Literature I (Middle Ages, Renaissance)

Literatur und Intermedialität

Literature & Language Teaching

Romantic Literature and Culture

Intercultural Communication and Perspectives

Német-Magyar Fordítástechnika

Integrated Skills

Contrastive Country Studies

Language, Thought and Culture

Great resources (free ebooks, etc.)

Gutenberg project

Internet Archive


Review of Robert Guay’s Dostoevsky’s Crime & Punishment Philosophical Perspectives


Personal space

Dostoyevsky’s Empathy

Turkish Nobel Laureate Orhan Pamuk: On Teaching Your Own Novels

British Comparative Literature Association

International Dostoevsky Society

The Importance of the Humanities

On Reading Russian Literature




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