Book by Former Student

We proudly announce the publication of a new book by Dr. Orsolya Putz. A former student of the B.A. program in English at the University of Miskolc, Dr. Putz is currently Junior Lecturer at the School of English and American Studies at ELTE University, Budapest. In her book Metaphor and National Identity, she probes into the conceptual metaphors used in political and other forms of public discourse to refer to the Treaty of Trianon, a major trauma in Hungarian history.  By exploring the conceptual systems used in referring to this political event and its historical consequences from a linguist’s perspective, Dr. Putz’s book takes a ground-breaking step towards understanding the functioning of Hungarian national identity construction in relation to “Trianon,” which is still a sensitive issue in public memory. Find out more about Dr. Putz’s book on the homepage of John Benjamins Publishing Company by clicking here.

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