Dr. Pataki Éva

Title: Lecturer

Qualification: TEFL and English Literature (MA), (Debrecen University); Ph.D. in Literary and Cultural Studies, Debrecen University, Doctoral Program of English Literary Studies

Office hours: Tuesdays 11-12 am

Office: A/6, room 1

Email: vicapataki76(at)gmail.com

Academic Interests: postcolonial literature; British Asian fiction and film; cultural, gender and identity studies

CV         MTMT


MTMT2 Publikus lista 2020



PÉ egyéni órarend 2020-21 II. félév

PÉ egyéni órarend 2020-21. II. félév

Reading list for American Studies (Track)


American Film

American Film_syllabus_ 2019

American Literature 1

American Literature 1_syllabus_2019

American Literature 2

American Literature 2_syllabus_2019

American Literature 3

American Literature 3_syllabus_2019

Autobiographical Narratives

Autobiographical Narratives_syllabus_2019

British Film

British Film_syllabus_2019

Literature in Language Teaching 1

Literature in Language Teaching 1_MA_syllabus_2019

Literature in Language Teaching 2

Literature in Language Teaching 2_MA_syllabus_2019

Multicultural British Literature, Film and Arts

Multicultural British_syllabus_2019

Popular Culture

Popular Culture_syllabus_2019

Presentation Skills 1

Presentation skills 1_syllabus_2019

Presentation Skills 2

Presentation skills 2_syllabus_2019

Reading and Writing 1

Reading and Writing 1_BA_syllabus_2019

Reading and Writing 1_osztatlan__syllabus_2019

Reading and Writing 2

Reading and Writing 2_BA_syllabus_2019

Reading and Writing 2_osztatlan_syllabus_2019

Tradition and Innovation in Contemporary British Prose Fiction 1

Tradition and Innovation 1_syllabus_2019

Tradition and Innovation in Contemporary British Prose Fiction 2

Tradition and Innovation 2_syllabus_2019



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